Jamese Bol Chol
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Clothing World for Needy People CWNP provides clothes for needy people
James Bol Chol was born in the village of Jonglei State, South Sudan in 1975.  The war broke out between the North and the South in 1983 and gradually intensified.  In 1987, at the age of 12, he left Sudan for Ethiopia because of the war which did not end until 2005. In 1991 he left the Ethiopia refugee camp because of a war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. He was displaced back to South Sudan, and eventually to Kenya in 1992.  He once again obtained refugee status and lived in the Kakuma Camp in Kenya. In 1997 he got the first job of his life working for Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) as a Water Project Mechanic. In 1999 he married Racheal Nyibol Mayen. In 2002 he gained employment with the Joint Voluntary Agency (JVA)/ Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Sudanese interpreter for Dinka, Juba Arabic, and English. In 2007, he moved with his family from Nairobi, Kenya to Omaha, Nebraska. In 2008 the family moved to Iowa where James started college at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).  He graduated with honors with an associate degree in Applied Science in Management, an associate degree in General Studies, a diploma in Sales and Management, a certificate in Human Resources, and a certificate in Supervision.  From 2010-2014 he volunteered his time to work for Kongor Development Association (KDA). He has also worked with others assisting people who have been affected by disabilities.  His goal has always been to change somebody's life by putting a happy faces on them. In 2012 he became a US citizen while living in Iowa and then moved back to Omaha, Nebraska. James had a wealth of experiences in the refugee camps.  While he was still young, he was appointed by one of the teachers in the Ethiopian camp to be in charge of other 12 kids at the age of 12 year-old and was responsible for making many of the kinds of decisions that parents would do. James remembers a time in the year 1989 when he was given only five articles of clothing to distribute to 13 kids - including him-self. And while in this circumstance he was able to establish a fair method of deciding who would receive the clothing by drawing numbers written on pieces of paper that were folded and placed on a plate, this memory of how valuable clothing was and how scarce it can be remains with him to this day.  Those who were not fortunate enough to select a "winning" number could do nothing more than wait for another donation from UNHCR.  The gratitude he felt for the clothing donations that came during this time have carried forward today into his compassionate efforts to clothed the needy people. In April 2013, James visited Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan.  During his stay people came to him and asked if he would share his clothing with them.  This continuing problem motivated him to found CWNP. The organization exists today to provide a means for people from around the world to help others in much the same way that others helped him when he was in need.  He believes that it is his time to dress more people from around the global. And he believes in the beauty of human being is in the cloth.
CWNP Founder and President Mr. James Bol Chol