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Clothing World for Needy People CWNP provides clothes for needy people
CNWP Mission Statement CWNP provides clothing for needy people Clothing World for Needy People (CWNP) is a non-profit organization founded in the state of Nebraska, and it headquarter is located in the city of Omaha. CWNP aims at gathering clothes from various donor sources including households, charities, businesses of all sizes and individuals to help clothing poor and the needy people: displaced persons, people living in remote areas, refugee camps, and the most affected villages by war. Clothing World for the Needy People was founded by a former refugee on July 2013, shortly on the occasion of his return to Africa. The war had displaced thousands of South Sudanese people to places East African countries, and around the globe. After the war erupted, civilians fled their homes, their livelihood was destroyed. With the continuing unrest in the region today, the number of people in need of clothing is growing daily.  CWNP volunteers are passionate and motivated to collect clothing donations and deliver them to people in needs. We are committed and dedicated to raising global awareness about this population of people in desperate need of clothing. CWNP's mission is to gather and distribute clothing to refugees, displaced persons, and others who are in severe need of clothing. Objectives CWNP aims at collecting and delivering over 200,000 items of clothing to three countries (Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan,and Ethiopia) annual annually. The organization wants to expand delivery to entire East region, and 1 million items of clothing with five years. CWNP goals are to raise a minimum of $250,000 annually for shipping and handling donated materials. CWNP Values CWNP beliefs in the fundamental dignity of every human being The humanity; human beings collectively and works to enhance the feelings of inner dignity for the individual.  CWNP takes pride in integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. The organization encourages goodness and generosity of people to assist others.